We at Zephyr Adventures, organizers of the Wine Bloggers Conference, are changing up roles of some of our employees and assigning a new Community Manager.

Cindy Molchany, who is currently the Community Manager, is moving to the tour side of Zephyr Adventures to handle our tour marketing. As you might know, Zephyr Adventures is also an adventure travel company with a specialty in active food, beer, and wine tours. We are doubling up on this by creating a whole new travel company brand, Taste Vacations, that will launch in early June. Taste Vacations will run food, beer, wine, and spirits tours around the world – without the active hiking and biking component.

We’ll be back in touch about this as we would like to work with you, our wine blogger community. We will be establishing an affiliate program that will pay a substantial commission – up to $600 – for each referral you send to us. Details to come.

Sarah Wolcott will be the new Community Manager of the WBC. Sarah is already one of the Zephyr Adventures team and attended the Wine Bloggers Conference last year. You will get to know her as she handles the WBC social media, sends out newsletters and emails, handles the annual Wine Bloggers Survey, and updates the Complete List of Wine Blogs. She will also be at WBC in Santa Barbara County in July.


2014 State of Wine Blogging Survey

April 3, 2014

Last year was the first year we surveyed and reported on the State of Wine Blogging (2013). This year we are asking wine bloggers to once again participate in this informative exercise that allows us as a community to gain insights into our demographics, passions, objectives, and goals as they relate to wine blogging. If [...]

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Additional Post Conference Excursion: Visit Santa Barbara!

March 21, 2014

We have added a second post conference excursion to the #WBC14 agenda for Sunday evening, July 13th! Hosted by Visit Santa Barbara, this excursion begins at 3:45pm (at the conclusion of the Bridlewood Estate excursion), making it an excellent option to create a full post-conference day in the region. The city of Santa Barbara is [...]

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Announcing the 2014 Wine Bloggers Conference Keynote: Corbett Barr

March 13, 2014

The Wine Bloggers Conference has been taking place annually since 2008 – six conferences in all to date. Historically, when we set out to find a keynote for the conference, we first look at who the person is within the wine industry. We then look at what they do around the topics of writing (be [...]

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Post Conference Excursion: Explore Bridlewood Estate Winery

March 4, 2014

We have a very nice post conference excursion planned for the afternoon of Sunday, July 13, 2014.  This off-site excursion will take place at the iconic Bridlewood Estate Winery, nestled in the heart of the Santa Ynez Valley, immediately following the conclusion of the 2014 Wine Bloggers Conference. Just 30 miles north of Santa Barbara [...]

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A Quick & Handy Guide to Social Media Image Sizes

February 19, 2014

A picture is worth a thousand words. The above quote rings especially true when communicating via social media. Studies show that status updates and tweets yield more engagement when accompanied by photos and images, and many bloggers swear by photos as a way to promote traffic to their blog posts via social media. While most [...]

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WBC14 Update: 200 Already Registered!

February 4, 2014

There are 5 months until the 2014 Wine Bloggers Conference, and we’ve just past the 1/2 way mark in terms of registrations! We are anticipating a sold out event of 400 wine blogger and wine industry members meeting in Santa Barbara County for the 7th annual Wine Bloggers Conference. We have updated the online list [...]

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Two Excursion Announcements for WBC14

January 24, 2014

The Wine Bloggers Conference is headed back to California for the first time since 2009. We’ve been all across North America exploring various wine regions, and the time has come to spend some quality time with the wines of the Central Coast region. We have two exciting excursion options now available for WBC14 attendees, and [...]

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How Facebook Changes Affect Bloggers and Businesses

January 21, 2014

Do you have a Facebook Page for your blog or business?  If you have a Facebook Page for your blog or business, then you may have noticed a substantial drop in engagement within the last month and a half. That’s because in early December Facebook implemented some major changes on how pages are promoted within [...]

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Jordan: Excellence in Wine & Social Media

December 18, 2013

Jordan Vineyards & Winery is near to reaching a new milestone: 1 million views on their YouTube channel. Jordan is used to setting the bar high, and in social media they make no exception. Since 1972 when Tom and Sally Jordan first purchased the land in Alexander Valley that would become their estate vineyard and winery, [...]

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2014 Wine Bloggers Conference – Call for Content Suggestions

November 26, 2013

Whoo hoo – it’s that time of year again! It is time to start planning content for next year’s Wine Blogger Conference in Santa Barbara County!! If you have a suggestion for WBC14, please complete the form below by Dec 11, 2013. Suggestions can be for you to provide content yourself or for other speakers [...]

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WBC14 Hotel & Reservation Information

September 11, 2013

There are only 5 months until the 2014 Wine Bloggers Conference reunites in California, and already more than 200 of you have registered for what will be a phenomenal event! We have only 122 rooms reserved at the host hotel, the Santa Ynez Valley Marriott. These rooms will sell out well in advance. Please see [...]

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Guest Posts? Forget It!

September 3, 2013

I didn’t realize how popular “guest post” marketing is until I created my own food and drink blog centered on my town, a blog called Eat Drink Boulder. Now I receive at least one “guest post” inquiry per week. I am sure many of you out there receive a lot more! In theory, guest posts [...]

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Zephyr Adventures is Hiring

August 22, 2013

Zephyr Adventures is hiring for the position of Conferences Logistics Manager, responsible for running our six annual conferences: Wine Bloggers Conference International Food Blogger Conference Beer Bloggers Conference European Beer Bloggers Conference Fitness & Health Social Media Conference Wine Tourism Conference This includes the following responsibilities: Determining dates and locations for conferences for the following [...]

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Lifestyle Blogging Report Released

August 6, 2013

At the WBC this past June, we released the State of Wine Blogging Report and presented our findings during the conference. This was the first year that Zephyr Adventures surveyed wine bloggers and compiled a  wine-specific report. We simultaneously surveyed the other niche categories represented by our conferences and now have a report of “lifestyle bloggers” – those categorized [...]

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Wine Blogger Photo Contest Announced

August 5, 2013

Whether you consider yourself the modern day Ansel Adams of wine photography, or if your dream is to one day be like Jay Maisel and have the ability to encapsulate the soul of a person (drinking wine) in one vivid photograph, then this photo contest may be for you! We’re hard at work planning the [...]

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WordPress.com & WBC – A Pairing for your Blogging Bliss

June 24, 2013

Earlier this year I attended a blogging and social media confernece; not a small niche focused conference like the Wine Bloggers Conference, but a mega-conference on a mega-scale attended by mega-corporations (and costing mega-bucks). It was big. As I was navigating my way across the floor of the expo center hosting the trade show, feeling [...]

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Introducing the American Wine Consumer Coalition

June 19, 2013

If you’ve ever visited a state-run wine shop in Pennsylvania, or had a tasting room employee bust out a huge 3-ring binder when you asked if you could ship wine to your aunt in Michigan, then you’ve likely experienced some of the anti-consumer regulations plaguing the wine, beer, and spirits industries. Even asking your favorite [...]

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WBC13 in Penticton Rated Best Conference Yet

June 17, 2013

The 2013 Wine Bloggers Conference was rated by attendees as the best conference yet. The conference scored a 4.13 on our 1-5 scale in which four equals “very good” while five equals “outstanding”. The first conference in 2008 in Sonoma scored 4.12 while the 2010 conference in Walla Walla scored 4.11. Attendees loved the city [...]

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2014 WBC To Be In Santa Barbara, California!

June 8, 2013

We are extremely excited to announce the 2014 Wine Bloggers Conference will be in Santa Barbara, California on July 11-13th. The conference has not been back to California since its first two years, in 2008 and 2009, and we know California and the Santa Barbara area will give us a good reception. The conference will [...]

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