Pre-Conference Info Sent

It is now only six days before the conference. I just now sent out an email to all 174 people registered for the conference. If you think you are registered but did not receive the email, please let me know so I can resend it to you.  At this time, we still have a waitlist but are not sure if we’ll be able to fit anyone else in.

We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

New Info Added to Site

We have updated the site with new conference events and more info on those that are already planned.  You can find all of this on the Details page:

  • A list of the Breakout Sessions scheduled for Saturday afternoon; you will need to choose two
  • A new wine tasting and lunch at Kick Ranch Vineyards to open the conference
  • A list of the 14 wineries pouring at the Live Wine Blogging Event
  • A final Luxe Sonoma lunch on Sunday that includes luxury and hard-to-find wines from some of Sonoma’s most-renowned wineries
  • A list of all 160 attendees participating in the conference!
  • A new Vineyard Walk option at Quivira, featuring their biodynamic processes

Few Rooms Remaining

The host hotel Flamingo Resort has only 13 rooms remaining of our 50-room allotment. If you are signed up for the conference but have not yet booked your room, please do so! If you are not yet signed up for the conference, now is the time.

Conference Designed for All

I just read a comment on the OpenWine Consortium website where an amateur wine blogger mentioned he was a bit nervous about attending the conference, since so many experts would be there. I want to assure you the conference is designed for ALL wine bloggers, regardless of skill level!

In fact, I’ll use myself as an example.  I blog at about wine travel, but never about wine itself.  So, although I’ll be at the conference and am even a co-organizer, my knowledge of wine is limited to say the least.  I will be struggling to get past Round One of the Blind Tasting Competition, will be heartily impressed by most wines at the Grand Tasting, and will listen more than talk during discussions at the Live Wine Blogging contest.  I do know how to have fun, however! All wine bloggers are welcome regardless of their experience – which is, I think, part of the spirit of wine blogging.

Conference up to 70 participants!

As of today, the North American Wine Bloggers Conference is up to 70 participants. There are quite a few people coming from California but we also have people registered who are flying in from Arizona, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Washington, and even Italy.

Our block of rooms at the Flamingo Resort is limited to 50 rooms, so reserve your spot at the conference soon!

The Publicity Begins

As of this morning, we are going live with promotion of the conference to wine bloggers, industry representatives, and the traditional media. Please see our June 10 Press Release for more information.

We have a list of over 200 wine bloggers in North America and will be personally inviting each person to attend the conference. If you are planning to attend, please don’t wait to register! Conference space and rooms at our host hotel are both limited.