We will again be offering both pre-conference excursions and post-conference excursions. Details will not be available until approximately October; currently registered attendees will receive first option on booking excursions. For information about hosting an excursion, please contact Reno Walsh at reno@ZephyrConferences.com.

Pre-Con Excursions

Pre-conference excursions will start on Wednesday, November 8th at 1:30 PM with a pickup either at the host hotel and/or a nearby airport. These excursions will finish on Thursday afternoon between noon and 1:30 PM. Participants will be charged a small fee to attend and will be responsible for booking their own hotel room at a hotel specified by the conference hosts.

Post-Con Excursions

Post-conference excursions will start on Sunday, November 12th at 9:30 AM with a pickup at the host hotel. These excursions will finish on Sunday afternoon with a planned 1:30 PM drop off at the host hotel with a possible airport drop off as well. Note this timing is new for 2017 and allows post-con excursion participants to still return home on Sunday. Participants will be charged a small fee to attend.