2014 State of Wine Blogging Survey

WBC state of WineBloggingSurvLast year was the first year we surveyed and reported on the State of Wine Blogging (2013). This year we are asking wine bloggers to once again participate in this informative exercise that allows us as a community to gain insights into our demographics, passions, objectives, and goals as they relate to wine blogging.

If you have an active wine blog, please take a few minutes to complete this brief survey:

2014 State of Wine Blogging Survey

Since last year was the first year of this report, we didn’t have much to compare the data to. We believe that this year’s findings will be much more telling. Has readership increased, have objectives evolved, and is Facebook losing ground in a wine blog’s marketing efforts?

These are all things we can guess on, but supporting data is always useful!

On the Wine Bloggers Conference website, we host the Complete List of Wine Blogs. The list of wine blogs is a living document, and we do our best to keep it updated and current with only active wine blogs. If you have a wine blog and are not listed on the site, there is a form at the bottom of the page to submit your information.

At the end of the survey you have the option to provide us with your email address. While all information collected from wine bloggers is aggregated and kept confidential, if you give us your email address we will email you the results once they are compiled.

The deadline to participate in the 2014 State of Wine Blogging Survey is April 30th, 2014.