2014 Wine Blog Awards Winners

The closing night of the Wine Bloggers Conference brings together many aspects of this yearly convergence of new media.  It marks the last gathering of all bloggers, together, for one final hurrah; the anticipated announcement of the next year’s conference location; the much anticipated announcement of the 2014 Wine Blog Awards winners.



The 2014 Wine Blog Awards announcement is the culmination of the hard work put forth by the bloggers themselves, writing about various viniferous subjects, and the nomination and judging process.  With the intention of recognizing excellence in new media, the annual Wine Blog Awards acknowledge winners in 9 categories.  Submissions are made by the general public then checked for requisite qualifications (i.e.; regular posts, 1 year of history, etc…).  Organizers then present the judges with comprehensive lists in each category and top 5 favorites in each of their assigned categories are chosen.  The judges (writing and wine professionals) rank the blogs from 1 to 5 and submit their list back to the organizers.  The votes are tallied with #1 receiving 10 “points”, #2 getting 8 “points” etc…If there are any ties after the judges rank the blogs they would both be included for the final and public vote.  The public is presented with the finalists and get to vote. Judges also vote on the finalists at this point (because the finalist list may not be the same list or order that they had for their submission).





Alan Kropf, Founder and President of Mutineer Magazine, was this year’s MC of the 2014 Wine Blog Awards.  Dressed in dapper black and whites (and bowtie), Alan presented this year’s winners with gusto. Certified through the Court of Master Sommeliers, Wine & Spirits Education Trust, Cicerone and the National Bartenders School, Alan founded Mutineer Magazine in 2008 as a way to “share the modern fine beverage experience with the millennial generation while supporting and celebrating fine beverage culture in an artistically inspired way.”  Prior to founding Mutineer, Alan worked as a Sommelier at some of the world’s most prestigious properties and is also the recipient of numerous beverage and publishing industry awards.


Drumroll please….following are the winners of the 2014 Wine Blog Awards.  Congratulations to all involved!  May your glasses remain half full between now and the 2015 Wine Blog Awards ceremony, to be held at WBC15 in the Finger Lakes District of New York.

Best Blog Post of the Year

Lauren Mowery’s Turkish Wines: Vinkara Winery Working to Preserve Indigenous Varieties with Delicious Results, from the blog, Chasing the Vine.

Best Original Photography or Video on a Wine Blog

Jordan Winery’s blog, The Journey of Jordan Winery, organized by Lisa Mattson.

Best Industry/Business Wine Blog:

Tom Wark’s Fermentation: The Daily Wine blog 

Best Wine Reviews on a Wine Blog:

Wine School of Philadelphia

Best Single Subject Wine Blog:

Washington Wine Report

Best Winery Blog:

The Lynmar Life

Best Writing On a Wine Blog:

HoseMaster of Wine

Best New Wine Blog:

Girl and the Grape

Best Overall Wine Blog:

Jamie Goode’s Wine Blog


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