Complete List of Wine Blogs

There is no “complete” list of wine blogs. Blogs come and go all the time and it is almost impossible to create a total list. However, we think we now have a pretty good list of active wine blogs online.

(updated June 18, 2015)

Citizen Wine Blogs in North America
International Citizen Wine Blogs
Industry Wine Blogs
Press Wine Blogs

These lists reflect the completion of going through every blog and deleting those  that are no longer current

Alder Yarrow at Vinography was probably the first to create an excellent list of wine blogs, starting, as he says on his site, back when he founded his blog in January of 2004.  As organizers of the Wine Bloggers Conference, we too have had a very good list and, over the past few months, we spent the time to go through Alder’s list, blog by blog, and several other lists of wine blogs to create one master list.

The total of the lists you see online on this site is now 1,657 blogs strong. We divide this list into Citizen Blogs of North America (560 total), Citizen Blogs throughout the rest of the world (444), Press Blogs (57), and Industry Blogs (423).

We provide this list publicly in hopes it helps make connections – allowing you to find other bloggers in your area or somewhere you plan to travel, follow key players on Twitter, or make introductions between bloggers and businesses. We are working on providing this list in a searchable format.

We know things will change – quickly – and we hope you will help us keep this list updated. If you see blogs in the wrong category, that are no longer up to date (we remove blogs that haven’t been active in the past nine months), or have missing information, please let us know!

To submit a wine blog to this database or to edit an existing blog, please use the form below:

  • Vinotecture

    I’ve entered the form, my blog is Wine+Architecture=Vinotecture. Please check it out, this newbie would appreciate any feedback from you pros.

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  • TheModernTrobadors

    Ah, thanks so much! It’s enthusiasum you detect!

  • allanwright

    We did get your information on 10/23/15. We will add it to our blog list soon. We only update the list every month or two since we are mostly busy running conferences! :)

  • Susan Manfull

    Provence WineZine is the name of the blog. Merci!

  • Susan Manfull

    Hello there, I have the same question as Vino Noire..I just completed the form again (third time, I believe). Please check. Thanks very much!

  • allanwright

    Hi Glynis,

    I don’t know why you are not on the list. You are on our internal list and have been for years, so we must have screwed up and accidentally deleted it from the published list. I have manually added it now.


  • Vino Noire

    Hey what do I have to do to get my blog on the list of Citizen Wine Bloggers…I’ve completed the form twice

  • allanwright

    David, please add your blog via the form above.

  • David

    My wine blog is creativity and design in the world of wine. Cheers from Spain!