Complete List of Wine Blogs

There is no “complete” list of wine blogs. Blogs come and go all the time and it is almost impossible to create a total list. However, we think we now have a pretty good list of active wine blogs online.

(updated June 18, 2015)

Citizen Wine Blogs in North America
International Citizen Wine Blogs
Industry Wine Blogs
Press Wine Blogs

These lists reflect the completion of going through every blog and deleting those  that are no longer current

Alder Yarrow at Vinography was probably the first to create an excellent list of wine blogs, starting, as he says on his site, back when he founded his blog in January of 2004.  As organizers of the Wine Bloggers Conference, we too have had a very good list and, over the past few months, we spent the time to go through Alder’s list, blog by blog, and several other lists of wine blogs to create one master list.

The total of the lists you see online on this site is now 1,657 blogs strong. We divide this list into Citizen Blogs of North America (560 total), Citizen Blogs throughout the rest of the world (444), Press Blogs (57), and Industry Blogs (423).

We provide this list publicly in hopes it helps make connections – allowing you to find other bloggers in your area or somewhere you plan to travel, follow key players on Twitter, or make introductions between bloggers and businesses. We are working on providing this list in a searchable format.

We know things will change – quickly – and we hope you will help us keep this list updated. If you see blogs in the wrong category, that are no longer up to date (we remove blogs that haven’t been active in the past nine months), or have missing information, please let us know!

To submit a wine blog to this database or to edit an existing blog, please use the form below:

  • Cavalry Bourbon

    All blog are very good thanks for sharing this. I like whiskey and wine. Limited whiskey quantity good for health. Whiskey is the best option to spend great time with friends.

  • Michelle Williams

    Thought Rockin Red Blog was already added but couldn’t find it so I just added it It’s ‘s already on Vinography.

  • Julie Miquel

    Hope 1st April deadline’s not a joke :-)
    Just added Social Vignerons site though it’s on Alder’s too. Cheers

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  • Mark

    Please add A new wine blog writing from the wino heart!

  • Francesco Saverio Russo
  • Mat Elmore

    Thanks for compiling these, looking forward to checking out all of the ones I’m not familiar with!

  • Vinumvitis Carlos

    Thank you so much!!!!

  • allanwright

    Yes, we will make this change on our next list update.

  • Vinumvitis Carlos

    Sorry my old blog is…….

  • Vinumvitis

    Hi, sorry to bother you but I had to change the name of my blog. You could change it? Please answer, thank you very much. My new blog name is:

  • Patricia Tschiltsch

    Great website. I added my blog from Austria:
    Looking forward! Thanks

  • allanwright

    Thanks for pointing this out, Debra! We just changed our site design, causing this. We’ll get it fixed.

  • Debra Meiburg MW

    The 2014 sponsors list covers (overlays) the blog directories. Could you please re-position so that we can view the blog lists? Thank you!

  • Jen

    I just shared my Italian wine blog from the US called Vino Travels Thank you!

  • Ewan Murray

    Just added The Wine Society’s blog, Society Grapevine, to the list

  • Suki Crawford

    Please add to the list! Can’t go wrong with a cute, 4-legged somm reviewing wines for the millennial generation!

  • Brian Cohen

    I’m announcing the the premier of Crozet Gourmet (, featuring the adventures of a WSET-certified tasting room associate by day and self-trained cook of global and regional cuisine by night as he searches for the legendary perfect match of food and wine.

  • Kayla

    Added to this list. We blog about BC wine, local events, tasting rooms in Vancouver and more! Check us out if you are interested in finding out more about BC’s wine world.

  • Stavros Moustakas Oktapodas

    Added | We blog about anything we like about wine, especially if it is Greek. Cheers!

  • Winewalkabout

    Just added

    The writings of Kiwi and Koala. We taste the wine, eat the food, travel and stay. Follow along with us on our adventures.
    Don’t drink without pants on!

  • winelover

    Should check out The Wine Foundry a custom winery in sonoma, CA

  • Tracy Iglesias

    I added my Lifestyle Blog, Ascending Butterfly – to the list. We have served as Media Partners for several New York City and New Jersey Wine Festivals and also host twitter parties, a great viral way for brands to partner more deeply with Wine, Lifestyle as well as Travel Bloggers and also connect with consumers in a fun and very viral way. Viva la online/twitter Wine Tasting Tweet Ups! :-)

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  • Allan


    Thanks for the link to the list of Swedish blogs. We’ll include those too once we have the time.

    Obviously, we are based in the US and our list is weighted towards US blogs and, more generally, those in English. Big deal. By printing the list now rather than hoping for perfection and acknowledging it is not complete, we get people (like you) commenting to add their blog to the list. Again, thanks for participating.


  • Per-BKWine

    As Wojciech Bo?kowski says, “pretty good list” is not very accurate. In fact, just having the idea that you can create an “international wine blog list” out of the US seems a bit, well, perhaps naive?

    You have 7 Swedish wine blogs on your list. We have over 100 Swedish wine blogs on our list:

    You have 4 Japanese blogs, 3 Greek, 4 Polish etc.

    It’s a nice effort but you might want to be a bit more realistic in what you think it covers.

    But then again, what’s the point? This is a bit like at the birth of the internet, when some people thought that it was a good idea to create a world wide structured directory of web sites…

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  • allanwright


    When you consider that you are only listing blogs for one country in one language and we are trying to list blogs for the entire world in multiple languages, I think we have a “pretty good list”. Thank you for the link to your list of Polish blogs. We will add them when we get the time.


  • Mateusz Papiernik

    True that. My own submitted already. If the list for other countries is as complete as the list for Poland, the comprehensiveness of this list is not at a very high level. Each effort is a good effort though, so I simply hope more will get submitted shortly.

  • Wojciech Bo?kowski

    This is completely ridiculous. You list 4 blogs from Poland (1 of which is really important) while we list more than 100 on the blog aggregator at . No, you don’t seem to have “a pretty good list”.

  • Chris is missing. Just added to your list.

  • Lars

    Greetings from the Rhine Valley, Germany… :-)

    Best regards


  • Paul Cunningham

    I just submitted my blog: Also available via Facebook at

  • Helmut O. Knall

    Hi, I tried to make a good list some time ago, find it here:

    Best. Helmut O. Knall from Vienna.

  • Cindy Molchany

    Thank you Christoph – your blog will be added shortly!

  • Cindy Molchany

    Thank you Cosmin – your blog will be added shortly!

  • Cindy Molchany

    Thank you Anthony – your blog will be added shortly!

  • Cindy Molchany

    Thank you – your blog will be added shortly!

  • Ashley Rowe

    Could you please add:

    NJ Wine With Me
    Ashley Rowe
    New Jersey, US
    Thank you!

  • Virginia Pour House

    Virginia Pour House

    Fairfax, VA

  • Cosmin Grozea

    hi could you please add to the list ? @cosmingrozea

    Country: Romania

    thanks in advance.

  • Christoph Raffelt

    Could you please include my Blog? It is also listed here:

    There are more than 600 articles on Originalverkorkt
    Christoph Raffelt


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  • Brian

    Can You add me top the list?
    Tangled Vines
    Vancouver, BC

  • Cindy Molchany

    Just an FYI that Sediment blog (which redirects to was on the citizen blog list for North America. There was indication on your site where the blog originates from so the default location is set there. From your Twitter profile I see that you are London based so I have moved your listing to the International Citizen Blog list. It will be reflected in the next update to the site.

  • Allan Wright

    No problem. We included blogs in all languages. We’ll add it!

  • Ricardo

    Hi, would you mind to include my citizen wine blog in the list?
    Ups…sorry. It is written in Spanish!

  • Irene King

    Love the list! And thanks so much for including Vegas Wineaux. My Twitter handle is @Vegaswineaux. And thanks so much for the hard work; even if we don’t say it, it’s deeply appreciated.

  • Allan Wright

    How can you be disappointed in a free service? This is no for-profit venture – we simply did our best to scour the web and add as many blogs as we found. Thanks for letting us know and we’ll be happy to add you to the list!