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Continuing the WBC Conversation

by on August 23, 2012

Wine bloggers and industry members who gathered in Portland last weekend for the Wine Bloggers Conference had an excellent opportunity to meet and share ideas. The online chatter is they don’t want this to end and would like a way to continue the conversation from now until next year’s conference in British Columbia.

For immediate options, please know you can:

  • Continue to Tweet using the hashtag #WBC12 to discuss the Portland conference
  • Start to Tweet using the hashtag #WBC13 to discuss any and all things related to wine blogging from now through next June
  • Communicate via the WBC Facebook page, which has not been that active but will start to be more so as we ramp this up in the coming weeks

Over the medium term, please know we the organizers of the WBC have plans in place to create a new wine bloggers community website. The goal of this site will be to allow wine bloggers to communicate with each other, to communicate with wineries, and to be more easily visible to the wine drinking public. Stay tuned for this progress!