Friday Excursions in B.C. Wine Country

Five local winery associations have been putting together our excursions for Friday afternoon with some different themes and fitness levels, not to mention great BC wine and food.

Excursions will leave promptly by 4:15pm as the buses are loaded in front of the Penticton Lakeside Resort. Come prepared with a first, second, and third choice in-mind; as soon as an excursion is full, it will depart and it’s first-come, first-served.

For all excursions, sunscreen and walking shoes are strongly suggested, along with a bottle of water and a light jacket or sweater. Many stops along the excursions will have free wifi for you to use, so bring your devices.

Note: the excursions will all wrap up with dinner at the last stop, and then will depart for Oliver-Osoyoos in the southern end of Okanagan Valley for the evening reception (the theme is casual, don’t worry if you’ve still got your walking shoes on); be prepared for a long, but spectacular, day in BC wine country!

THEME:  Vineyards and Geology
Fitness level:  light; some areas accessible by stairs only
Extras required: none

Head to the hills (and mountains and the river) and explore what makes our special little wine region so very special. Meet the winemakers of these family-run boutique wineries, and learn about the unique geology, terroir and environmental differences that help create the award-winning wines of this region.

Discover an area that is known for its commitment to the sustainability of the land and the organic focus of their grape and fruit wines. On this tour, you will have the opportunity to explore a BC Heritage Site and you will head underground for an earthy, down-to-earth dinner with wine tastings while you visit with the winemakers of this boutique wine region.

THEME:  Farms and Wine
Fitness level: light to moderate
Extras required: none

Join us for a tour of a working farm with warm, fluffy animals…and a working worm farm! This experience will take you above Penticton, overlooking the lakes and vineyards, and expose you to a bit of the Okanagan’s rich agricultural background — beyond just grape-growing.

We’ll visit an innovative “egg-xellent” winery, explore several vineyards for some iconic photos, and finish our excursion with a fabulous meal at a local resort, right on the water. Imagine enjoying great food and wine dockside as the sun sets over Okanagan Lake.

THEME:  Walking to Wine
Fitness level:  moderate
Extras required:  walking shoes (runners or hiking shoes, no flip flops or sandals), outdoor clothing strongly recommended; download the Columbia GPS Pal app as a bonus during your excursion, so you can log your adventure (available for iPhone, iPad and Android).

This excursion is not for the faint of heart, but the rewards reaped will be worth a few healthy toasts with local wines when you reach your goal!

We will showcase the beauty at the heart of the Okanagan on this picturesque hike that features a few nuggets of history, a taste of geology, and a dose of ecological respect as you climb to a majestic peak that offers its own tribute to bloggers. Our winemakers will regale you with the tales of their wines as you nibble on a picnic of local delicacies. You may be inspired to break into song on the hilltop… or you can take a panoramic photo if you prefer. A leisurely descent and a few unique mementos be your final memories of this unique excursion .

THEME:  A Rustic Experience
Fitness level:  light
Extras required:  none

Join us for a rustic experience in the desert, and get to know why we are the wine capital of Canada. We’ll give you a history of the industry, showcase what makes are area so unique, and explore a historical site, where we’ll stop for an outdoor tasting with a number of wineries in a rustic setting.

Did you know that there are Canadian cooperages? We have our very own master cooper joining us at one of our stops to show you some cool barrel things before departing for dinner at one of the Okanagan’s most iconic restaurants, with a view over the valley that is second to none. En route to dinner, we’ll check out a pig pit, paella cooking and walk through barrels for some great photo opps.

Then, it’s paella time!

THEME:  Paddle-boarding to Wine

Fitness level:  light to moderate
Extras required:  Optional watersports on the beach — you will be on a beach (grass and sand) and will have the chance to try paddle-boarding. Changing room areas are available. Swimsuits are not required unless you want to jump in, however comfortable (sporty) clothes are suggested if you’d like to paddle-board.

Our magical mystery bus tour will take you alongside Okanagan Lake as we weave in and out of numerous wineries before reaching our final stop, a relaxed wine and food tasting on a private beach where you can dip your toes into Okanagan Lake, or for the more adventurous, dive in!

The lake may not be warm, but our welcome will be.  As we meander along country roads, several winemakers will hop on board to both educate and entertain, chatting about our soil, climate and one of Canada’s premier grape-growing terroirs as you soak in the spectacular views.

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  • ToledoWinesandVines

    Sign up Dave Nershi & Steve Edwards for a rustic experience

  • Blue Mountain Winery

    We’re excited for our part in this!!

  • Guest

    We’re excited for our part in this!!

  • Cindy

    Jeff – Yes! It’s Stand Up Paddle boarding or SUP. Lake is probably cold, but you would probably only be getting wet up to your ankles/knees to get onto the board.

  • Kristin Peturson-LaPrise

    Hi there!
    You will be walking/climbing for about an hour and a half or so, with plenty of stops included for taking photos and learning about our area. You can bring your own water bottle, but we will be supplying some as well. And yes! We will have a vegetarian option. We look forward to seeing you!

  • Allison Markin | All She Wrote

    Hi Russell – I have everyone’s allergy info and will be asking everyone to show their diet restriction cards as they board; if there isn’t an option on the excursion of your choice, you’ll be directed to another excursion so you can have a tasty meal!

  • Jeff Chaney

    Paddle-boarding makes me think of ‘Stand Up Paddling’-Like standing on a big surfboard and using a paddle like you would a canoe…Am I picturing this right?

    Whats the lake temperature right now?

  • ashley

    For Walking with Wine — how many miles should we expect to walk/climb? And, do we bring our own water bottles? Finally, will there be vegetarian options? Thanks!

  • Ashley Hawkins

    Great job! They all look amazing!

  • Russell Ball

    How do the excursion dinners accommodate peoples’ allergies or dietary preferences? I note there’s one that clearly includes paella, which I’ll stay away from as a vegetarian, but what about the others? I don’t want to be stuck somewhere with no dinner!

  • Kovas Palubinskas

    Too many choices! :)