Jordan: Excellence in Wine & Social Media

Jordan Vineyards & Winery is near to reaching a new milestone: 1 million views on their YouTube channel.

Jordan is used to setting the bar high, and in social media they make no exception.

Jordan_engraving_lowSince 1972 when Tom and Sally Jordan first purchased the land in Alexander Valley that would become their estate vineyard and winery, their family vision has been to craft excellent wines and equally excellent experiences for their guests. The working winery and adjoining chateau were symbiotically constructed with the intent of complete guest immersion into the experience of Jordan.

Deeply inspired by French food and wine culture, the Jordans sought to emulate the french style by creating intensely balanced wines and offering unparalleled food and wine experiences. The first vintage of 1976 Cabernet Sauvignon was released commercially in 1980, and it didn’t take long for the Jordan portfolio of wines to quickly reach the pinnacles of success with awards, recognition, sales and demand. Not content to rest on their early successes, Rob Davis, head winemaker since their inaugural vintage, has not slowed in his pursuit of producing world class wines; the Jordan wines of today are better than ever!

Today, Tom and Sally’s son, John, is at the helm as CEO. He has become an industry leader in many ways, and has transformed Jordan Vineyards and Winery into a sustainable, carbon-neutral organization. One of the attributes of John’s leadership is his embracing of technology in all corners of his business. Jordan was one of the first wineries to effectively incorporate the use of iPads in both production and in facilitating sales, and the winery has increased their customer base widely with the use of social media.

Lisa Mattson, Director of Communications at Jordan, has been an integral part of Jordan’s social media success, and she is an industry leader in her own right. She oversees the Jordan blog (which has won several Wine Blog Awards), and has been a top speaker at both the Wine Bloggers Conference and Wine Tourism Conference – sharing her expertise on engagement and in using technology to drive online traffic to a physical location.

What Lisa and Jordan Vineyards and Winery do so well in Social Media is create viral videos. The winery’s YouTube channel is abundant with over 200 videos that are all creative, unique, and appeal to varying tastes.

Some of the videos are fun parody – playing on trending pop-culture.

This recent 2013 video has over 32,000 views!

see also: Gangnam Style in Wine Country (33,000 views)

Some videos are inspiring and informative – sharing unique perspectives of a working winery.

This video from 2010 has over 72,000 views!

see also: Winemaking – making barrels for Cabernet Sauvignon wine aging (41,000 views)

Some are about food – demonstrations and tutorials to make your mouth water.

This video (great for the holidays) has over 34,000 views!

see also: How to make French Macarons (259,000 views)

With this incredibly diversified approach to content, Jordan has been able to dominate YouTube, reach a vast number of potential new customers, and engage in a relatable way – effectively making their wine very appealing and approachable to many who may not have considered them before.

Jordan Winery’s YouTube channel has over 960,000 views. Check out their latest videos to help them hit 1 million before the new year:

Jordan Vineyards & Winery is a proud sponsor of the 2014 Wine Bloggers Conference. In addition to YouTube, you can also follow Jordan on Facebook, Twitter, and on Pinterest.