Lifestyle Blogging Report Released

At the WBC this past June, we released the State of Wine Blogging Report and presented our findings during the conference. This was the first year that Zephyr Adventures surveyed wine bloggers and compiled a  wine-specific report.

We simultaneously surveyed the other niche categories represented by our conferences and now have a report of “lifestyle bloggers” – those categorized as beer, wine, food, and fitness bloggers. Over 1400 bloggers responded to our 32 question survey. The data has been compiled, and you can review the report here:

2013 Lifestyle Blogging Report

At each conference we run, we notice the subtle and sometimes stark differences between each group, but now there is data show it. Fitness & food bloggers tend to be more female than men, and as a result tend to be more active on Pinterest (whose user demographics are majority female).

In most cases, however, we primarily see similarities among the various lifestyle groups; specifically, a vast majority of lifestyle bloggers are blogging out of passion for their niche and measure success of their efforts based on personal satisfaction gained from blogging.

And that sentiment is echoed at each conference, and from each attendee that we encounter.

The report goes into detail on the questions asked in the survey, and conclusions drawn based on our experience working with the various groups. We encourage you to check out the 2013 Lifestyle Blogging Report for yourself and if you have any insights or comments to the report, please leave it as a comment below. And please feel free to share!