#WBC14 Social Media Blitz – Live Wine Blogging


If you do attempt speed dating, avoid static, standardized conversations…To obtain more experiential information, try telling a joke.

- Psychologist Ander van der Linden - Scientific American, March 1, 2012

In the modern world of online dating, information about a potential date takes hours, if not days, to mine through before the first introductory email is sent.  But in the concept of rapid-fire dating known as “speed dating”, the idea of online dating is heightened 1000 fold:  the process of connection is quickened to 3 minutes or less and forces participants to make dating decisions, post-haste, before moving on to the next suitor.  Speed dating and it’s wine counterpart, Live Wine Blogging, forces opinions based on initial, gut reactions.  Second guessing the nuance of dried rose petals on the mid-palate of a particular pinot noir?  There’s no time for that at the Live Blogging Sessions at WBC14 – critique comes fast.  Decisions are made quickly.  Time is of the essence….

There are separate Live Wine Blogging Sessions for white and red wines at the WBC14.  65+ wines will be presented on Friday and Saturday at the WBC and by a variety of national and international wineries, importers, and retailers.  LWB is a frenzy of tasting activity and social media and represents a prime chance for bloggers to participate in an interactive wine tasting where winemakers and bloggers race against the clock to pour, taste, record tasting notes online, and repeat for an hour.  LWB is a social media blitz and bloggers and winery representatives are encouraged to come prepared to tweet and post their thoughts about each wine and the event online.  Past Live Wine Blogging events at WBC have trended #1 in the world on Twitter and we desire to achieve this reaction, again, on Friday and Saturday at #WBC14.

Many winery principals will be on hand pouring their wines at the Friday and Saturday LWB events.  Raincoast Crisps, Riedel USAWine4Me and the participating wineries are all sponsors of LWB.  Bring your questions, your decisive palate, and your social media presence with you to this distinctive, new media approach to blogging about wine on Friday and Saturday at #WBC14.


Friday, July 11 2:15 – 3:15 pm – White & Rosé Wines

Fess Parker Winery & Vineyard @FollowFess

Cornerstone Cellars  @CraigCamp

BevMo @BevMo

Hope Family Wines@hopefamilywines

J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines @JLohrWines

Wente Family Estates @Wente

Grassini @GrassiniWines

Ferrari-Carano Winery @ferraricarano

Ramey Wine Cellars @RameyWineCellar

Danza del Sol Vineyard & Winery @DanzaDelSolWine

Buttonwood Farm Winery & Vineyard @ButtonwoodWine

Jordan @jordanwinery

Rios de Chile@Rios_de_Chile

Marianello, Consilience, & Tre Anelli Wines @Consiliencewine

SIPcertified.org @SIPtheGoodLife

Bandit @BanditWines

Taken @takenWINE

Bianchi Winery  @binachiwinery

Gypsy Canyon Winery  @DHallPinot

Yorkville Cellars  @YorkvilleWinery

J Wine @JWinery

Maryhill Wines @MaryhillWinery

Agnitio Wines

Concept Wine Group

Charles Krug@charleskrugwine

Aridus Wine Co@ariduswineco

Banfi @BanfiWines

Uproot Wines @DrinkUproot

H-G Vineyards @HGVineyards

Westerly Wines @WesterlyWines

Alta Maria @AltaMariaWine


Saturday, July 12  3:30-4:30 pm = Red Wines

Tantara @TantaraWinery

Coquelicot Wines @coquelicotwine

Cornerstone Cellars @CornerstoneNapa

BevMo @BevMo

Hope Family Wines @hopefamilywines

J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines @JLohrWines

Davis Bynum Wines @DavisBynumWines

Alexander Valley Vineyards @avvwinery

Urban Legend Cellars @ulcellars

Grassini @GrassiniWines

Carr Winery @CarrWinery

Ferrari-Carano Winery @ferraricarano

Danza del Sol Vineyard & Winery @DanzaDelSolWine

Adelaida Cellars @AdelaidaCellars

Jordan @JordanWinery

Pacific Wine Group @P_W_G

Wine4.me @Wine4MeApp

Vineyard 511 @vineyard511

Garnett Vineyards @GarnetVineyards

Marianello, Consilience, & Tre Anelli Wines @Consiliencewine

Brecon Estate @BreconEstate

Labyrinth Winery @LabyrinthWine

Bandit @BanditWines

Taken @takenWINE

Trione Winery @TrioneWinery

Bianchi Winery @binachiwinery

Gypsy Canyon Winery @DHallPinot

Maryhill Wines @MaryhillWinery

Charles Krug@charleskrugwine

Ottimino @OttiminoWines

Casey Flat Ranch @CaseyFlatRanch

Aridus Wine Co @ariduswineco

Banfi @CastelloBanfi

Punch Vineyards

Wines of Georgia @GeorgiaWineUSA