Mutineer’s Alan Kropf to MC Wine Blog Awards

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Some things are just made to go together.

On Saturday June 8th, at approximately 6:45pm, President of Mutineer Magazine, Mr. Alan Kropf, will present the 2013 Wine Blog Award winners. Always lively, and always entertaining, this year’s Wine Blog Awards will present winners from 9 different categories. Check out the Wine Blog Awards site for full descriptions of the categories, nominees, and judging process.

Mutineer, long-time friend of the Wine Bloggers Conference, has been publishing its inspired drinks magazine since 2008. It’s mission is to “share the modern fine beverage experience with the millennial generation while supporting and celebrating fine beverage culture in an artistically inspired way”.

Here’s a fact: not just millennials read Mutineer! In its short life, it has grown in reputation as being one of the leading sources of information for all things beverage. With a focus on wine, beer, and spirits, it is not hard to flip through a publication and also read up on various craft sodas, boutique mixers, and find engaging and informative articles on drinking water.

On that note, some of the various side projects and initiatives that Mutineer promotes include water relief and the ever important quest to ensure our world’s children have adequate access to clean drinking water.

A newer project of Mutineer’s is to promote careers in the drinks business, and this year Mutineer has launched Drink Careers 101 via Kickstarter. The goal of the project is to create a comprehensive guide – including advice, strategies, and resources – for someone wanting to initiate a sustainable career in wine, beer, spirits, coffee, tea, and soda. Drink Careers has an impressive and lengthy Advisory Board, including our own, Reno Walsh.

Another thing that impresses us so much about Mutineer, and why we think they are such a good fit for the WBC is their connection to the world of blogging. Not only do they publish great content on their own blog (much of which they could easily charge for if directed into their publication), but they are champion supporters of bloggers. This is largely due in part because they are bloggers at heart; it is their passion to express themselves, be creative, and share their love of beverages with the world that drives them to keep going each day.