Saturday Breakout Session – the Business of Blogging

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Kymberly Williams-Evans , MA and Alexandra Williams, MA, twins and authors of the  active aging blog Fun and Fit, are the queens of Healthy Aging For Boom Chicka Boomers. Leaders in turning a blog into a business, Alexandra and Kymberly will share their insights about creating an income stream based on your blogging. Monetization of wine blogging is a much discussed topic, and we welcome this dynamic duo’s engaging Breakout Session on Saturday, July 12 from 9:30-10:30.

The desire to monetize and the difficulty doing so is as much discussed today in 2014 as it was at the very first WBC in 2008. What are the mechanics of producing an income stream from one’s passion in the world of wine? Kymberly and Alexandra have harnessed their niche in the blogging world in many forms:

  • hosts of their own radio show, Active Aging for Boom Chicka Boomers, which catapulted into the Top Ten out of 71 shows on the Health and Fitness Channel at
  • bloggers at their site Fun and Fit, which showcases their zest for life while generating income
  • speakers at conferences across the country for various public and private groups of entrepreneurs and companies
  • writers for companies that need professionally created content
  • guest experts and social media mavens at events

They have found the “sweet spot” that combines their love of fitness and writing with paying their bills, and they are at WBC14 to share their tips with you.

Alexandra and Kymberly take the premise of monetizing one’s blog back a level by asking WBC bloggers the following key question:

  • are you actually looking to earn a living or simply generate compensation via your blog and online activities?

Your approach to organizing your blogging plan hinges on this concept.

One keynote speaker, back at the very first WBC in 2008, told the crowd that “you can all make millions of dollars from your blog” while two veteran wine bloggers relayed that the new media blogosphere shouldn’t “expect to make any money from your blog.”  So where does this leave you, the intrepid wine blogger, in 2014?

For those bloggers interested in the potential revenue stream associated with their blog, Kymberly and Alexandra will discuss the opportunities associated with:

  • consulting
  • Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 10.52.35 PMbrand ambassadorships
  • writing/editing for others
  • creating “blog-to-job” related activities

They will share some key do’s and dont’s on working with companies.

Readily accessible on multiple social media platforms, Kymberly and Alexandra can always be reached at:  (805) 403-4338 or They especially want to hear from companies that wish to partner with them to reach active, vibrant, boomer women!