Sign Up for the Waitlist

As you might know from our previous posts, the Wine Bloggers Conference is sold out – a good two months in advance of the conference.

While this is good news for the conference, it does mean some folks will just not get in. Your only option at this point if you did not register is to get on the waitlist. Because we DO have cancellations in the last month, usually just before the 30-day-out cancellation deadline, we are always able to get some people moved from the waitlist to the registration list.

So please go ahead and sign up for the waitlist. If you are on it and a space opens for you, we will first contact you to confirm you can attend before charging your credit card.

And next year sign up earlier!

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  • Jamie

    Hello there! I have two tickets and am now not able to attend.  I’d be happy to sell them directly to someone on the waiting list or via the conference mgt. if that is a better way to do it.  Interested?  E-mail me at

  • Zephyr Adventures

    Use the registration form:

  • Cegiovannetti

    How do we sign up for the waitlist?