Video: Tom Wark Interviews WBC13 Keynote James Conaway

In case you missed it, WBC and Tom Wark had a fun “Hangout” interview yesterday on Google+ with this year’s Keynote Speaker, James Conaway. We let Tom handle the interview, and it was great to hear insights from James about his past as a writer, his wine books, his new novel, and his take on the role of wine bloggers!

You can watch the entire Hangout interview below:

We are very excited to have James Conaway as our Keynote Speaker for WBC, and we want to thank him for his time yesterday. Please make sure to follow his blog and to look for his new novel, Nose, coming out in March.

And we want to send a huge Thank You to Tom Wark for being our guest interviewer!! There is always something engaging to read over on his blog,, and we appreciate him spending part of his day with us!

This was our first g+ On Air Hangout so it was fun to see some of you who joined in and participated! We’ll be doing more of these in the future, so make sure you follow WBC on Google+. If you have a Hangout idea or suggestions, leave it as a comment here or on our g+ page.