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Tom Wark’s Fermentation Has New URL

by on September 2, 2012

Tom Wark, one of the most famous wine bloggers out there and a crucial part of the Wine Bloggers Conference, has a new URL for his blog, Fermentation.

Tom launched his blog almost eight years ago and became one of the most respected voices in wine blogging. (In my personal opinion, his is the most respected voice in wine blogging.) Tom was also the first person we turned to in 2008 when we started the Wine Bloggers Conference, and he served as our only “advisor” until recently when we created an actual wine blogger advisory board, on which he sits.

It is a tough decision to change a blog’s URL. However, Tom will be the first to tell you this change was long overdue. Not only was Tom’s old URL ( out of date and not good for his ownership of his own content, but the blog itself needed a new look and feel.

It speaks to Tom’s worth as a writer that his blog did so well with the old look and the old URL, so we are looking for more great things to come from the new Fermentation. Please help him out by changing your links to his new site or by linking to him if you haven’t yet!