Twitter Reach of the WBC

Note: The following comes from WBC co-founder Joel Vincent, who wrote this while on his way home from the 2011 Wine Bloggers Conference.

So I did a small analysis of the Twitter hashtag #WBC11 to understand the reach and impressions it can generate. Looking into the tools readily available to me I quickly realized that the Twitter API only allows me to analyze the last 1500 tweets under #WBC11. As it turns out, that covers Sunday starting at about 3am until 4pm when I ran the analysis.

I have to admit the results are impressive! Here is a sampling

TweetReach for #wbc11

  • Reached 404,903 people via 1,500 tweets
  • Generated 3,006,183 impressions (that’s 6M+ eyeballs!)
  • There were 431 Tweeters on Sunday meaning the community outside the WBC attendees was ACTIVE!
  • So who generated the most impressions on Sunday? That would be @raelinn_wine!
  • 809 Tweets were regular tweets, 245 ‘@’ replies, and 446 retweets!

Since Sunday is the LEAST active day, you can assume we had at least three days of activity like this. Extrapolating that would mean we generated somewhere near 10,000,000 impressions and reached nearly 1.2M people during the conference! That is quite a bit of exposure by any measure! (Allan’s note: Joel is being conservative here. Sunday is not only the least active but is also only 1/2 a day as compared to Friday and Saturday. Plus he is not counting Thursday. Just taking time into account, Sunday is about 1/6th of the conference and Joel’s figures above could easily be doubled to 20,000,000 impressions.)

The power that bloggers have is amazing!  What a great community!

More later when I’m not sitting on a plane…