Videos, Photos, and Presentations from the WBC10

If you set up a Google Alert for “wine bloggers conference”, you’ll see many of the blog posts coming out about the 2010 conference. However, Google Alerts doesn’t capture everything and we wanted to give you a heads up on some other media produced from our Walla Walla get together.

If you attended the conference, we hope you were able to meet Lisa Mattson and Laura Petersen from Jordan Winery. Lisa had volunteered her services as a videographer and seemed to be everywhere, shooting for what will be the official conference video (coming soon), filming some of the sessions and keynote speeches, and grabbing bloggers aside to do special “Video Diaries” containing thoughts and ramblings about the conference. These videos are all on the WBC YouTube channel.

In the way of photos, we are sure many of you took some excellent ones for your blog. The folks at Mutineer Magazine set up sort of a celebrity photo shoot area in the Meet the Sponsors section on Friday. If you took part, check out your photo on their Flickr stream. Olsen Estates also set up a nice photo gallery of the pre-conference excursion in Yakima Valley.

And finally, we have a couple of presentations sent in by speakers and breakout session panels. If you have a presentation from the conference you would like to share, please send it to Joel.

If you have your own photo collage, video, or other media, please let everyone know by posting a comment on this blog post.

  • artpredator

    Thanks for this! And thanks to everyone who contributed! I put up about a dozen blog posts during the conference's various sessions and a bit before also. Also, Zev Robinson, who was shooting a documentary at WBC10, interviewed me and said he thought he'd have something on that by Monday, so I will post the link.

  • Jordan Winery

    Hi Allan and Reno,
    Thanks for the post. We really enjoyed participating in the conference.
    The video equipment we use is more suited to close-up interviews under natural lighting conditions, so the speeches we recorded aren't really to our video quality standards — but we did our best.
    We have a few more diaries that were recorded on the mystery bus day that still need to be posted — two winemakers, two bloggers.
    Lisa Mattson