WBC Airport Shuttles – Book Online

WBC attendees can now book their airport shuttles online to get to and from the Kelowna Airport (@ylwkelowna). We’ve made our best guess at pickup times based on attendee feedback in our Facebook group, however these times may change should flights change. We’re also able to add a shuttle if demand is high for the Kelowna trip.

Shuttles will run on Thursday, June 6 and Sunday, June 9.

Penticton Flights

If you’re flying into Penticton on June 6th your flight will be greeted by Grape Escapes Wine Tours (@GrapeEscapes_ca). There is no cost for the shuttle in Penticton, and it’ll take about ten minutes to get to the Penticton Lakeside Resort. Taxis are also available.

If you’re flying out of Penticton on June 9, the shuttle will pick you up at the Lakeside ninety minutes before your flight, and again there is no cost.

For those needing a shuttle on Monday, June 10, we suggest contacting Grape Escapes Wine Tours to make arrangements. Doug (Dino) from Grape Escapes will be attending the conference and is happy to help, and he’s based in Penticton.

Kelowna Flights

If you’re flying into or out of Kelowna, there is a $10 (CAN) cost each way, which is significantly cheaper than other options. There will be plenty of signage and help to get you to the correct shuttle.

We have set up a registration system on Sioppa. First, you’ll need to register with Sioppa, then book your shuttle of choice. The trip from the Lakeside to the Kelowna airport is just over an hour, so plan accordingly, especially for your departure.

Thursday, June 6 — Kelowna to Penticton

Sunday, June 9 — Penticton to Kelowna
If you leave yourself 60-90 minutes minimum to check-in for your flight, you should be fine.

For those flying out of Kelowna at 8am or earlier on June 9, we may look into moving the first shuttle to an earlier time.

Note, there is a BC wine shop in the Kelowna Airport, and we’ve alerted them to have extra packing materials on hand, and we’ve given a heads up to the airlines to “turn a blind eye” to extra packages you may be bringing home.

If you have any questions or are flying on a different day, please email Allison of All She Wrote in Penticton at ask@allshewrote.ca, and she’ll do her best to help out.

We’re able to keep costs low thanks to a generous contribution from Valley First Credit Union (@Valley_First), who are big supporters of the wine industry in the Okanagan.