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WBC Welcomes Back Virginia Wines

by on August 16, 2012

We are excited to welcome back Virginia Wines at the 2012 North American Wine Bloggers Conference.  Last year, we met so many passionate wine writers and enthusiasts just as they did, and it was important to stay connected to this growing segment of wine influencers. They are also looking forward to seeing what other regions are doing and how they are promoting their vineyards and wineries.
In 2011, over the course of three days, conference attendees were exposed to 43 Virginia wineries including 7 bus tours to 16 wineries as well as that fateful reception at Monticello where everyone could taste wines on Thomas Jefferson’s lawn. It was a great opportunity for us to show off Virginia’s unique assets in spite of the weather. If you were to ask Virginia if they’d do it all again, their response would be, “You betcha!”
The 2011 conference created a lot of positive momentum and chatter about Virginia wines, well beyond the blogosphere, all throughout North America as well as in the international arena. In the weeks following the 2011 conference, there were well over 130 blog posts in Aug/Sept. alone pertaining to the Virginia Wine experience at the North American Wine Bloggers Conference.  Between July 21 – 24 last year, there were over 43.5 million potential impressions on Tweeter from #WBC11 and #VAWine.

Why come back to Portland for WBC 2012? “The numbers alone speak for themself as to why we decided to sponsor the conference last year. 336 bloggers from 21 states, and 4 countries came to Virginia to learn more about wines and perhaps walked away with a little more knowledge about our wines.”

Virginia Wines will continue to actively participate in the conference going forward.  Citizen and industry bloggers have been some of the biggest champions and advocates for Virginia wines and for other up and coming wine regions for that matter.

Cheers to a successful conference for #WBC12 / Oregon!