Wine Bloggers: Contribute to our Media Page

Today we are announcing the addition of a new page to our website, and one we think bloggers will benefit from – the WBC Media Page.

On this page, we are inviting wine bloggers who create content around the Wine Bloggers Conference (including content on our partners, sponsors, conference locations, and local wine industry) to submit their CATEGORY feed, which will then be syndicated on our site.

Visitors to the Media page of our website will read your post’s headline and the first few sentences from your post. If they click on the post, they will be redirected back to your website to read the entire article.

Our goal with this page is to showcase and share all the great content that is generated by wine bloggers who attend the WBC and to hopefully generate interest for you in your blog and writing.

To add your WBC Category Feed URL, please use the form at the bottom of this post.

A few instructions, rules, and tips for success:

1. If you don’t have a specific CATEGORY on your blog for Wine Bloggers Conference (or WBC), you need to create one. A Category URL is very different from a Tag URL, and simply submitting a url of all your posts tagged with WBC will not work. Then, when you write about any aspect of the conference, you will need to make sure you publish it under the WBC category.

2. To send us your feed, all you have to do is add “/feed” to the end of your category url.

3. We will moderate the content. A feed that ends up not having relevant content to the various aspects of the Wine Bloggers Conference will be removed. Please publish your content to your WBC category carefully.

4. The length of the preview showcased on our media page depends on the settings of your blog’s theme. Our preview will showcase up to 300 characters of your post. Make sure your theme is set to share at least that many.

5. Craft your headline and write a good opening paragraph! Make sure both of these include your main keyword for the post. If readers to the media page only see the headline for your post and a brief preview, make sure it sounds like an irresistible read!

6. Consider what your author name is. If you post as “admin”, there will be no indication on the media page preview who you are and what blog your write for. Consider using your blog name as author, your full real name, or some other unique identifier.

The page’s blogroll will list all contributing blogs and their corresponding category name, and it is scheduled to update every 90 minutes. Just like a typical blog, the most recent post will appear at the top. This is definitely a work-in-progress, so please leave your comments, ideas, suggestions below, and we’ll work to make the page better and more useful over time.