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Wines of South Africa at WBC13

by on June 5, 2013

If one thing is certain at a wine blogger conference, it is access to tasting a wide variety of local and globally produced wines.

This year is no exception. Yes, there were more logistical challenges than usual for shipping wine to the conference, but the support and determination from our partners and sponsors to ensure that their wines arrive in Penticton to share with all of you is a testament to the credibility and measure of influence that is given to wine bloggers. 

We are pleased and honored to welcome Wines of South Africa to join us this year at #WBC13. Attendees will have several opportunities to get acquainted with various wines produced by various producers from this world-class region. 

In addition to tasting during the trade show and during Wines of the World on Saturday night, Wines of South Africa are hosting a breakout session titled “The Secrets of Chenin Blanc” on Friday, June 7th at 1:45pm.

Comparative tastings are always popular sessions during WBC. It’s an opportunity to be in a focused environment led by industry experts, and to taste through various examples of a varietal. Courtney Luick from Cape Classics will be your Chenin Blanc varietal guide this year. She will taste you through some top examples from South Africa, talk terroir, and share some of the various winemaking styles that go into producing Chenin Blanc in the country. You will walk away with a better understanding of Chenin Blanc’s sensibilities and sophistication, and will have a heightened understanding of this global wine region.

Wines of South Africa represents all South African producers who export their wines. They have a network of over 500 exporters, and the organization’s mission is to educate and promote the wine industry of South Africa abroad.

Though generally considered “New World”, wine has been produced in South Africa as far back as the 1600s. A wide variety of red and white varietals are grown throughout South Africa’s five main wine region, with the concentration grown and produced in the Western Cape area.

As one may imagine, visiting the wine regions of South Africa are a unique experience. Wine Tourism as an industry is growing, and South Africa is one of the global regions leading that charge. Organizers of the WBC, Zephyr Adventures, organizes a South Africa Hiking, Safari, and Wine Adventure each year, with the next scheduled tour in 2014.

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