Zephyr Adventures is Hiring

Zephyr Adventures is hiring for the position of Conferences Logistics Manager, responsible for running our six annual conferences:

  • Wine Bloggers Conference
  • International Food Blogger Conference
  • Beer Bloggers Conference
  • European Beer Bloggers Conference
  • Fitness & Health Social Media Conference
  • Wine Tourism Conference

This includes the following responsibilities:

  • Determining dates and locations for conferences for the following year so we can announce them on-site, including conducting surveys of our alumni, seeking bids from local partners, and negotiating with hotels
  • Making sure our sponsors are well taken care of and adequately prepared for the event
  • Writing blog posts about sponsors when that benefit is included in their package
  • Creating and sending pre-conference packets to attendees, speakers, and sponsors
  • Communicating with speakers and sponsors in advance of each conference to make sure they are informed and prepared
  • Managing on-site operations of all conferences, with the help of the other Zephyr employees during the event itself
  • Wrapping up conferences including sending out surveys to attendees, speakers, and sponsors
  • Potentially helping to organize the Great American Wine Festival or Wine Tourism Day

This job is not for everyone. You get to work from home – but that means you have to be really self-motivated and self-directed. You have flexible work hours – but that means you have to be really tuned in to your email and able to respond to our sponsors, speakers, hotels, and other parties very quickly and efficiently. You get to work in very cool industries – but because we run six conferences, you have to be super organized.

This is not a high-level job nor a low-level job. We are looking for a smart, efficient, organized, and fun individual who is looking for a good job with a fun company working in a bunch of amazing industries.

If you are interested to learn more about the job or to apply, please visit our Conferences Logistics Manager Application.