Wine Bloggers Conference and Technorati

Today, an earlier article I wrote prior to the Wine Bloggers Conference in Penticton last week was quoted in an article by Steve Woods, Business Editor at Technorati. Wood’s article is about how the field of wine blogging has matured and grown in significance. “Wine bloggers are far more than individuals who toss one back [...] Read More

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How do I most enjoy a glass of wine? With a leisurely meal, always. On a warm afternoon sitting in the shade after finishing the yard work. Give me a glass of red wine on a chilly evening as I watch the flames of a fire in the fireplace and I’m a happy gal. I like to take my time with a glass of wine; to pay attention to how it changes in the glass over time. Quality is much more important than quantity.

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When we learned the Wine Bloggers Conference (WBC16) would be held in Lodi, August 11 - 14, 2016, we were thrilled. Not only are there lots of exciting things happening in the Lodi wine world these days, but the drive to Lodi from our home is only 20 minutes. It would be the shortest travel time we would ever have to a WBC. As it turned out our drive was a bit longer than expected because we took a very enjoyable detour through Amador County wine country.

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Connections.  Networking.  Friendship.  Community.  These are some of the top reasons that people attend the Wine Bloggers Conference, year after year.  As we approach the 10th anniversary event in Sonoma next year, I have to reflect on how this event has grown and changed over the last 9 years. Beginning in 2008, when there were a scant 100 of us

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In this, our final post, we take you along as we sit down with winemaker Mitch Cosentino to create a blended wine.

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Tips from the Trenches: How to #WBC16

Two weeks from today, the 9th Annual Wine Bloggers Conference kicks off in downtown Lodi.  I can’t believe we’ve been running this show for nine years, and that some of us who were there in the beginning, what a long, strange, trip it’s been! Like everything, the blogging and the career have changed a lot over that time period.  You may have

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Day 2 of the Masthead blending project promised to be busy. We gathered in front of the Scotto Cellars’ tasting room in downtown Lodi early that morning. Our first stop would be Scotto Cellars’ winemaking facilities.

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Wine makes our life more fun. It says so right at the top of our blog. It's what we believe. But, it's not just wine that makes our lives more fun --it's wine people too.

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Say it ain’t Cinsault

Cruising along on a breezy but warm spring morning in Lodi, we were off on Day 2 of our adventures of “Anything but Zin”.  Today, our first stop was Lodi’s oldest vineyard, the some 120+ year old Bechthold Vineyard. Bechthold Vineyard was planted over a century ago by Joseph Spenker.  Back in 1886, Cinsault was more commonly referred to as Black Malvoisie.

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Everything’s Coming up Roses! (Wine & Roses)

After a full day of exploring some of Lodi’s diverse wines and terroir, we settled in at our host hotel, Wine & Roses.  This resort style hotel has a beautifully relaxing interior courtyard, and situated on one side is the hotel’s restaurant, the Towne House. Chef John Hitchcock, a Lark Creek Group alumnus, masterfully prepared a 7 course menu to

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