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WBC17 Agenda Outline Set

We have created a draft skeleton agenda of the 2017 Wine Bloggers Conference. You will notice we say both "skeleton" and "draft." The agenda is a skeleton agenda because we have no specific sessions or speakers listed. We will do a Call for Content in the fall (likely October), hold a vote of possible content sessions among our alumni, and fill in sessions and speakers from that. The agenda is draft because things can and will change. Some of our content depends on sponsorships. We … Read More...

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Hyatt Vineyard Creek

10th Wine Bloggers Conference to Return to Santa Rosa in 2017

The 10th annual Wine Bloggers Conference will return to Santa Rosa in Sonoma County, California in 2017. The conference will be located at the Hyatt Vineyard Creek from November 9 – 12. Registration is Open Now The first and second conferences back in 2008 and 2009 were held in Santa Rosa and this launched the […]

Live Red Wine Blogging for #WBC16

Get your taste buds and Twitter fingers ready, it’s time for another exhilarating round of Live Wine Blogging! This time we are focusing on red wines. You know the drill – each winery has 5 minutes to introduce and pour their wine while bloggers taste, evaluate, and tweet as fast as they can. See our […]

Recommended Restaurants for Saturday Lunch

Today, you’ll have a chance to grab lunch on your own.  To help guide you towards some tasty options, here are a few restaurants that we would recommend within walking distance of the conference center: The Dancing Fox Winery & Bakery Menu Directions (6 minute walk) Fiori’s Butcher Shoppe & Deli Menu Directions (4 minute […]

Where in Lodi are my fellow wine bloggers???

THE WINE’S OUTTA THE BOTTLE! This just in: Announcing your winery hosts for #WBC16 “Excursions Into Lodi Wine Country!” If you’re smart, you are currently enjoying an amazing evening of wining and dining in Lodi Wine Country. For those of you who are still wondering what kind of treats you and your buddies are in […]

Live White Wine Blogging for #WBC16

Can you review a wine in less than 5 mins? LWB is a frenzy of tasting activity and social media, and represents a prime chance for bloggers to participate in an interactive wine tasting where winemakers and bloggers race against the clock to pour, taste, record tasting notes online, and repeat for an hour. Attendees!  Come […]

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Oxygenate Your Wine Picnic with Velv Wine

We have a special unveiling for #WBC16 attendees during Friday’s lunch and expo event! This is not your average conference lunch. Join us in Kirst Hall at Hutchins Street Square for a lunch sponsored by Velv Wine, the world’s only wine oxygenator to use 99.5% pure oxygen to bring wine to its peak flavor in just […]

Lodi Wine Bottles_Credit Goff Photography

Southern Hospitality in California’s Northern Interior

Attendees of #WBC16′s dinner with #LodiWine on Saturday, August 13, can expect a down-home menu & plenty of unique Lodi wines, poured by the winemakers themselves…. It’s here! It’s here! Not a second too soon, we’re sharing the delicious deets on WBC16’s highly anticipated Dinner With Lodi Wine on Saturday, August 13, at 7:00pm. In […]

Clements Hills Lodi AVA Sunset_Credit Randy Caparoso

Lodi Keepin It WEIRD for WBC16 Friday Excursions Into Wine Country

Wondering what the Friday evening excursions are all about?  Find out some (surprises still await) of what is in store for #WBC16 attendees below.   If you haven’t already noticed, Lodi isn’t particularly concerned with coloring inside of the lines, so to speak. Nope. Not us. We’re all about thinking outside of the box; pushing the […]


Five fast-facts on UC Davis and Wine

Grand sponsor UC Davis has a long history of innovating in grape growing and winemaking. Here are five contributions their multidisciplinary approach has made to what’s in your wine glass and how you experience it.  Do not miss the UC Davis Wine Discovery Session at 1:45 on Friday! Global Influence Researchers at UC Davis have […]