Thank you to everyone registered for WBC13 or who has participated in past conferences!

2014 Participants (as of April 11, 2014)

2013 Participants

2012 Participants

2011 Participants

2010 Participants

2009 Participants

2008 Participants

  • MyWine Channel

    I cant wait to be part of this conference.

  • GrapeEscapes

    Looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible and touring you around our Okanagan wine country on Friday! Also love to connect and discuss our new blog project!

  • allanwright

    Liam, we do have you registered and you will be on the list at our next update, which will be this week. Thanks for checking.

  • @IconWines

    Hello, Just checked the list of 2013 Participants and didn’t see my name listed, Liam Carrier (IconWines). Not worried about the omission for vanity reasons but rather just worried that my registration may not have been completed on your end. Can this be confirmed?

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  • Koen

    I am searching for my new platform wine bloggers

  • allanwright

     Glynis, just wanted to make sure you saw the list is updated and you are on it.

  • Glynis

    Hey I registered for the conference back on April 16, 2012; who do I need to contact to get my name and contact info added to the particpants lists that was updated on May 14, 2012.

  • Lori

    Just registered! Loved the Walla Walla conference – I’m sure Portland will be just as fun and delicious. Will bring some Township 7 wine with me :)  What other peeps from BC are going?

  • Christopher Watkins

    Ridge Vineyards’ “4488: A Ridge Blog” has just registered!

  • Which Wine Cooler

    Looking forward to seeing you all at the Wine Bloggers Conference in Portland 2012! The Wine’dUp just registered for our first year and can’t wait for 3 days of non-stop wine enjoyment! :D

  • FoodandWineDiva

    Is there anyone from DC going and wants to share a ride with me? I am driving down Thursday and would love someone to share the time and gas with me.  Can’t wait to meet so many of the people whose work I admire and learn lots of new things!

  • Kayzink

    Comment here or text me directly at 469-569-0345.

  • Kayzink

    I cannot wait to meet everyone in VA.  Question:  would anyone want to save $$ at the OMNI and share a room with me?  Semi desperate!

  • Nancy@VaWineInMyPocket

    Really appreciate having this list in advance! It will be a big help in putting Twitter names to faces ;-)

  • 1WineDude

    Thanks, Allan – most should transform them automatically. As for the searchable stuff, when I copy/paste any entries from your spreadsheet, the pasted data renders as meaningless characters (this is on multiple machines). From what I know about PDF (very little), this is usually due to a font issue, so you might want to try changing that.

    No a big deal, but thinking about it more, if an attendee or sponsor is looking for particular people to see if they’re going, being able to search that list would be key.  Cheers!

  • Anonymous

    Not sure why that is. Next go around I’ll try to figure out how to make the links live but I don’t think my software gives me that option.

  • 1WineDude

    Guys – fabulous that you post the list (And update it!), but there is something very funky about the PDF. The text isn’t searchable and the links are clickable.  Not sure how it was saved/exported to PDF but there is definitely something odd about how the file was created.

  • Anonymous

    Updated now!

  • WineWonkette

    We need a list update (cause Another Wine Blog isn’t on it) ;)

  • marikane

    After visiting Northern Virginia in April, I started a short series called Tasting Virginia on my blog.Please check out part one at:!Mari

  • ECWineGuy

    It’s really amazing seeing all these name on the list coming to my neck of the woods.  I can’t wait, July can not come soon enough.

  • Luscious Lushes

    Let us know when we have a 2011 Participant list up ;-)

  • Great Wines

    Our group enjoyed an amazing wine tasting and food pairing (by appointment) at Falcor Winery in Napa Valley. The wines surpassed everything that we had tasted during our trip. There was not one bad wine and exceptional service!
    Thank you,
    happy wine tasting!

  • Samantha Strobel

    Is there a list we can get on for the 2011 event to be notified of dates?

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  • corkandfoil

    I am so jealous, we don't have a conference like this in the UK, and its just too far to travel, gutted, hope its fantastic and i look forward to reading about it all afterwards.

  • artpredator

    be way cool if this year's participants list could be on a page so we could click around and check each other's blogs and follow each other on twitter…

    (PS Need to add me–thanks!)

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  • adon

    I heard about WBC. I am a Wine Blogger too and with a linguistic background I am interested in Wine Words and culture. I have an interesting blog on this topic at Do join me there as well. I hope to attend WBC next year.


  • bsears

    hmmm I don't see Snows Lake Vineyard as a pouring winery, can we be added, I know were registered.
    See you tomorrow

  • rwalsh

    Ken, We’ll try to clarify the list better when we update it here shortly. Thanks!

  • Ken Payton

    I’ve looked over the Participants list. It seems there are wineries and companies mixed in with bloggers. Is it possible that a distinct list might be generated of just ‘citizen bloggers’?

  • art predator aka Gwendolyn Alley

    thanks! I think the oversight was due because room was made for me last minute (and I do mean last minute!) last year.

    See you in July!

  • rwalsh

    The Art Predator is added to the 2008 List of Bloggers. Not sure why it wasn’t there before? Hope the crossed tongue does the job and we see you at the 2009 Conference. Cheers!

  • art predator aka Gwendolyn Alley

    hmmn not seeing my name on the 2008 Bloggers list (under Art Predator or Wine Predator)–can I be added?

    I’m currently on the waitlist for 2009 and everything’s crossed including my eyes and tongue which should make for some interesting tastings!

  • Allan Wright

    Thanks, Dale. We made the correction!

  • Dale Cruse

    Looking forward to attending!

    By the way, I sometimes spell my last name “Cruse.” And by “sometimes,” I mean “always.”

  • 1WineDude

    Still on top! That’s because 1000 Corks & 2 Days per Bottle have once again underestimated the POWER of alphabetized sorting!


  • Joan Vieweger

    We’re an artisan chocolatier from Los Angeles and we’ve just completed development of our Napa Valley Wine Chocolates. We know first-hand that Napa Valley Wines and Chocolate are the perfect pairing… how about the pairing of Choclatique and the Wine Bloggers Conference? Any interest, please contact me at 310-479-3849. Sweet Dreams!

  • Allan Wright

    Not really an oversight, Susan. Gary spoke last night but was able to actually attend the conference, so we didn’t include him in the numbers. We were lucky to get him for three hours!

  • Susan

    Minor oversight I am sure, but where is Gary Vaynerchuk listed here? I KNOW he is at this conference this year!!!!

  • Penelope-the Mustang Winemaker

    I would be sorry if people don’t show, but hope that a space opens up! It looks like harvest will be over for me tomorrow-so will be free to attend……keeping my fingers crossed-
    Penny, the Mustang Winemaker, blogger and harvest weary

  • Leon Glover

    I am not sure why I am not on this list, but Lionheart Wines should be on the industry participant list. I am going to be pouring one of my wines at the live blogging event.

    Can you get me put on the list?

    Thank you very much! I am looking forward to the event every much!

  • Alan Kropf


    I can’t wait to see you all there. It’ll be great to finally meet the people behind the blogs.

    This is going to be a blast!

  • Allan Wright

    My fault, Jeff. You were the last one to sign up and I had not yet added you. I put you under bloggers since you also blog.

  • el jefe

    Not sure why I am not on this list, but Twisted Oak should be on there as an industry participant. See you all there!