The 2014 Wine Bloggers Conference will be held July 11-13 in Santa Barbara County, California. Please fill out the WBC Online Registration Form to register. The fee is $95 for Citizen Wine Bloggers (those unaffiliated with a business or organization), $295 for industry wine bloggers (those whose blog is affiliated with a winery, retail store, or other business or organization), and $395 for non-blogger participants (industry, media relations professionals, friends and family, etc). Please be accurate in selecting your category – we check and will contact you if you seem to have signed up for the wrong category. We do not have registrations for only part of the weekend and you cannot share your registration with someone else.

  • allanwright

    Alicia, that is the definition of a Citizen Blogger.

  • Alicia

    What should you select if you blog about wine or the wine industry bu your blog is NOT affiliated with a specific business or organization?

  • allanwright

    You can register for excursions here if you have already registered for the conference:

  • Theresa Nozick

    How do we sign up for just the excursions if we have already signed up for the conference?

  • allanwright

    Margaret, unfortunately that does not count. We love that you Tweet about wine but we need to have some basic guidelines to qualify as a Citizen Blogger and the main one is having a blog. Consider joining the ranks of wine bloggers!

  • Margaret Goldstein

    Would you consider a regular Twitter user (tweeting virtually every day on wines) who focuses almost exclusively on wine and having a pretty good following (4000+) to qualify for the Citizen Wine Bloggers fee? Thanks for your consideration! :)

  • allanwright

    Yes it does!

  • Nicole Martinez

    Does the pre-excursion include lodging?

  • allanwright

    Larry, registration includes all excursions and meals during the actual conference. It does not include those marked pre-conference (we are finalizing details) and post-conference (Bridlewood lunch).

  • Larry Schaffer

    Does registration include all excursions, meals, etc? Just trying to pre-plan my weekend as best as possible. Thanks!

  • Barrysentials Wine

    Try Chris Terrell. Terell Wines we tried to meet up with him to taste, last time he was in Los Angeles, but it just didn’t work out time-wise. WInes from Georgia (not the US state)
    Presumably one of the first places grapes were cultivated.

  • Adam Zia Olivo-Khairzada

    When is there a wine conference on the east coast.

  • Roger Paige

    Great, thanks so much