The Wine Bloggers Conference was founded in 2008 as one of the first niche blogging conferences in the world – and certainly the first major gathering of wine bloggers. In 2019, entering its 12th season, the Wine Bloggers Conference will head to the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, Australia from October 10-12.

While the conference name is focused on wine bloggers, the audience is wider: bloggers, writers, social media influencers, and those who wish to interact with them.

Wine bloggers, writers, and influencers are not simply passionate about wine. They are energized by writing about wine, wineries, and the people that make up the wine industry. They communicate their views to their communities via their blogs, industry magazines, and social media in an ever-growing spiral of viral conversations.

Because of this, wine bloggers and writers are a crucial aspect of the industry, a connection between wineries and consumers. They are often the voice of the industry. They are, by any definition, wine industry influencers.

Come join us at the 2019 Wine Bloggers Conference!